Stop and Smell the Roses

Ever stumble upon a gem?

Recently the Zero to Hero challenge was about exploring new blogs, and I stumbled upon this gem that really inspired me.

So often I focus on the bad things. My boys exhausting me. My minimum wage job that barely allows me to make ends meet. My parents constantly fighting. My best friends living thousands of miles away. I get caught up in my troubles and forget the good things.

And there a lot of good things.

But how often do I appreciate them? How often to I stop and think about the good things in my life?

Hardly ever.

Isn’t that a sad truth? I could tell you exactly what I hate about my life, exactly what I want to change. But can I tell you things I love? The things I am thankful for?

So my challenge to myself (and to you) is to stop and smell the roses. Find some good things and dwell on those. Because the good things can out shadow the bad if we let them.

What am I thankful for?

  • my precious and adorable puppy, Sadie, who makes me happy to come home every day.
  • the things I am learning at my job, because they are extensive.
  • every time the 4 year old boy with Autism that I work with figures out something new, or improves, or understands. Not because it validates what I am doing, but because I am glad to see him succeed.
  • the fact that my church inspires me and forces me to be involved when sometimes I would rather be hiding away
  • the friends that I can laugh with. And the technology that exists so that I can talk to those who live far away (Facetime rocks!)
  • a Christmas break that was so refreshing and life giving and involved so much family time that I actually really enjoyed!

There is so much to be thankful for. So many good things that are happening around me, but I forget. I don’t give myself time to stop and think and enjoy what is right in front of me.


4 thoughts on “Stop and Smell the Roses

  1. Very true. We focus on what we need, what we don’t have, and ignore what we do have. I recently wrote a post on a similar theme. Thanks!

  2. Thank you so much for linking my post! I am so happy to have inspired you! I really enjoyed reading this post, you’re right – sometimes it is too easy to think of the bad things! Great read 🙂 xx

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