What do You See in the Mirror?

We all grow up learning to look at ourselves in the mirror and decide how good we look.

Isn’t that what Snow White taught us?

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

I look in the mirror and try to decide if I like myself. If I like what I see.

I look in the mirror and try to make myself the fairest of them all.

But most of the time, I look in the mirror and fall short.

I see flaws. Too many. I see a face in need of makeup and a lack of skill to apply it correctly.

Isn’t that our fatal flaw? I see the bad not the good.

Perhaps it seems self-centered to point out the good things about ourselves. Perhaps it is. But isn’t it necessary sometimes?

Sometimes, just sometimes, shouldn’t we see beauty in the mirror? Shouldn’t we spend our day applauding ourselves rather then hating ourselves?

I want to look in the mirror and say “she looks pretty good today” and leave feeling good about myself.

Or maybe I want to not look in a mirror at all.

After all, its just looks right? Why do I need to see my reflection in every mirror, every window, every screen, every thing that will reflect my image back to me.

Maybe we should stop. Maybe I should look in the mirror in the morning, and then not for the rest of the day.

Novel idea isn’t it? To stop looking, and start appreciating ourselves more. To stop finding things to fix, and start being proud of ourselves.

That’s my challenge to myself. And to you too if you want to try it out.

Stop looking for yourself in every reflection.



This post was inspired by the daily prompt


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