The End of the Month Evaluation

Well the month of January is over. And I have no idea where it went. I woke up and February had arrived.

The month of January was the month of Zero to Hero for me. I think it worked well.

I gained followers! So give yourselves a round of applause! I appreciate you guys so much and am glad that someone is interested in reading this blog of my life!

I’ve discovered the importance of following other people and commenting. This really is a community and it only works if we support each other and join the conversation.

I posted a lot. I think like 20x the amount I had posted on my previous blog. I am surprised that I have that much to talk about, but so far I haven’t been stuck. It’s good for me to get some of my thoughts into words, on paper, into permanency. My words are here to stay. And hopefully many more will come out.

I’ve made 2 weekly commitments: weekend pictures and Thankful Thursdays. It’s a great challenge to myself to be consistent and deliberate with this blog (unlike my last one). It will help meet my blogging goals and also help you know what to expect from this blog.

I have created some pages. It took me awhile but I launched and About Me page (which is still a work in progress I think) and just launched My Faith, which is a my journey of faith which I felt was important to share.

Thanks Zero to Hero!

And now to start this journey all on my own…


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