Best Friends Forever

Do you remember your high school best friend? Did you promise to be best friends forever? Did it last?

I had a high school best friend. We were inseparable. We talked, laughed, dreamed together. We planned our lives together. We planned our future weddings, planning to be each others maid of honor. We planned to be aunts to each others kids. We planned to travel the world.

We planned forever.

And then high school ended. And when friendship was convenient, when we saw each other at school every day, it was great. But we left high school behind. Friendship required work. And soon we grew apart.

We were in different places we said. We were going different directions. Forever ended.

Sometimes I wonder if forever really exists.
No, I’m not really that cynical. But it’s in the back of my head.What is forever?

While I was in Kansas I thought I lost my friends at home. There was a communication failure between us. We were in different places, going different directions.

Now that I am home, I am still not sure where we are going. If we are heading towards forever or away from it. People change in 2.5 years. And sometimes that change is too much to overcome. I hope we can bridge the gap. But I am not confident that we will.

Then there’s the other side. I made great friends in Kansas. Some of the best. We laughed and cried together. We grew up together.

And then I left. And they stayed. And where does that leave us?

Because distance is hard. It changes things. It challenges forever.

But love can survive everything right? Friendship, if it is true friendship, can survive it all.

That is the hope I hold on to.

Forever exists.


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