I’ve never been a person who does lent.

Everyone around me gives up Facebook for 40 days. or chocolate. or some other unhealthy habit. I never did. It was never a big thing in my church (still isn’t). It was never something that tugged on my heart.

And now that’s all about to change.

But not to give something up. I think that is great. And I’m sure it helps a lot of people get back in touch with their spirituality. So if that’s what you are doing, I think that is awesome.

But I’m going to add something to my life.

One of the girls in the community group found 40acts. It challenges people to live generously. And don’t we all need that? To be more generous?

I have so much, but think I have so little. There is a lot that I could do to be more generous, to be more giving, to be more Christ-like.

So, along with my community group, I am going to participate in these 40 acts and see where God takes me through this time.

And I am also going to challenge myself to blog more (I know I haven’t been blogging much lately) by blogging about the challenges and my response to them. So stay tuned, the next 40 days are going to be exciting!

Want to join? There is a link above or click the 40acts image on the sidebar!


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