40acts: Connect

We live in a world in which we can all be connected all the time.

With the touch of a button I can go on Facebook and see what my friends are up to.

Every waking moment I can be on my phone texting people, constantly communicating,

And yet, more often then not, we are not truly connected.

I have lived in the same house for 23 years. And I know only one of my neighbors. I walk my dog frequently, see people out and about constantly, and yet never even give a smile. I live minutes away from my friends and yet rarely see them

Not all that connected are we?

So 40acts challenges us to strike up a conversation with someone around our home. Neighbors, grocery clerk, strangers.

It’s a scary thing for me. I have never been good at starting a conversation with someone I don’t know. But I think it will be good to challenge myself.

So my goal over the weekend (and beyond):

  • smile at people. When I lived in small town Kansas, everyone smiled and waved at each other. Big city Surrey does not do that, so the habit died for me. But now I will do it again.
  • talk to someone around town. As I’ve been thinking about this I see an opportunity. See, I have a puppy. And everyone things she is adorable and wants to stop to meet her. Perfect chance to talk back to them! So that is my goal.
  • talk to someone around church. I am still working on getting connected into my church. I love my community group, but there are so many other people there too. So tomorrow at church I want to talk to someone, get to know them even if just a little bit.

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