40acts: Listen

God gave you two ears and one mouth for a reason.

Ever heard that statement? The point is you should listen twice as much as you should talk. It makes sense. But we all like to hear the sound of our own voice.

Ironically, the day of the listen challenge I had no voice. Well I had a little voice, but it hurt to talk.

And, ironically, the day of the challenge I met with a friend who needed to talk.

God plans in mysterious ways doesn’t he?

When setting this meeting I felt I needed to confront her, as a believer in God, as her sister in Christ. I felt I needed to call her out on her choices.

But then I lost my voice, and the timing seemed all wrong.

So I listened to my friend tell me about the choices she’s been making, choices that I strongly disagree with, and I heard her side of the story. Without interfering, without judging, just with 2 ears and no mouth.

And I learned something. Something about her, about what she wants, about why she is willing to do what she wants to do.

And the point is not that I suddenly agree with her, because I don’t. The point is not that now it all makes sense to me, because it doesn’t.

The point is that she needed to talk. And I needed to listen.

Maybe it was God’s divine planning, that I didn’t need to confront her in that moment. Or maybe just that I needed to listen before confronting. I’m not sure.

Time will tell.

But listening. It’s hard. I want to give her my two cents. I wanted to advise her. But maybe, sometimes, that is not my place.

Sometimes my place is to listen and not say a word.




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