Stand Up

What do you stand up for?

In my head, I stand up for lots of things. I have lots of causes, or social issues, that I get stuck on. But I rarely let them out. There are things that I feel passionate about, but that I don’t always show that passion.

And I definitely don’t know organizations that support my passions.

I am a social worker at heart. Which means that social issues get to me every time. Maybe that’s not just a social worker characteristic, but for me the two go hand in hand.

Child Poverty. Where I live we have horrible child poverty rates, the worst in my country. It hurts to think about it, and I just want to do about it. Whatever choices parents made that landed them in poverty are not the fault of the child. And I think we have a duty to protect and help both adults and children who live in poverty. But it is the kids who really get to me.

Foster kids. So many kids who have been removed from their homes for a variety of reasons, and every time it breaks my heart. There are so many kids who need a little love, whose families need a little bit of help. Some kids get moved around, shuffled between homes. Some kids have nothing for themselves. I think we often like to pretend these kids don’t exist. But I can’t forget it.

Orphans. You’re getting the pattern aren’t you? I think in the Western world we don’t see orphans the same as we do international orphans. We think they need less. They need us less. But they all need us. Here or abroad. First world or third world. They are still parentless. They still need love. They need someone to adopt them.

So really, its just kids. All of them. Whatever they are going through. Wherever they are. I want to help them.

And outside of my chosen profession, I don’t know what to do about it.

Any suggestions?

What about you? Where are your passions? What do you want to support?



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