Time for a Change

So I have been very unfaithful at posting in the past month or so and am hoping to change that in the month of May and the future.

Because what’s the point of having a blog if I never post anything right?

So I thought to myself, what would help me blog more?

And here is what I came up with: create some goals and some defined topics to post on.

And I am open to suggestions. So if any of you still follow me after my sporadic posting, comment below if you have any ideas for me.

But here are my ideas for myself:

On Sundays or Mondays I want to post a sermon response. I often feel convicted after church on Sundays and have all these thoughts going through my head but they don’t always come out. They get stuck. And then forgotten. So a sermon response is on the way!

On Wednesdays, and maybe not every Wednesday, I want to post something about me. To help you readers get to know who I am. I am not entirely sure how long this is going to last or how much I will have to say about myself, so we will see. I am going to call these my own “I am” statements (stolen from my current sermon series the I am statement of Jesus)

On Thursdays, hopefully every Thursday, I am going to get back to doing Thankful Thursdays. Because I quite enjoyed that and found it helped me put my week in perspective and dwell on the good things instead of always the bad things.

That is in for now. I hope you all enjoy it! And once again, if you have suggestions please let me know!


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