Good-bye, Hello

On Friday I finished my contract position at the preschool I’ve been working at. I said goodbye.

It was bittersweet.

I will miss the kids a lot. And my coworkers. It has been a fun year.

But there is a lot I will not miss at all.

The way I was treated was not always good. My coworkers were not always nice. My boss was not always professional. My kids’ parents often criticized and rarely supported.

But most of all, I  will not miss the fact that is was outside of my field. It was not what I wanted to do with my life.

I was worried for a while that when the time came to say good bye to preschool I would be left with nothing. I was worried I would have a summer of unemployment ahead of me (or even longer). I was worried another door would never open for me.

But I was wrong.

It is time to say hello.

On Monday I will begin a new job!

I will be working with a social service agency as a social worker!

I will be working with families and children who are being investigated for abuse/neglect and putting in place ideas, goals, and supports to ensure everyone is safe. I will be counseling families and providing services to keep families together or to bring them back together.

And I am really excited.

I know it will be hard. And stressful. And at times emotionally draining.

But I am a social worker. And I will finally get to do it.

It is so clear to me that this is from God.

After a year of struggling with searching for a job while working, of wondering what it would mean to give notice, of wondering if I would break into my field, it happened. And it happened perfectly.

I get one weekend in between jobs. I didn’t have to give notice. I interviewed and the next day I got the job. It is exactly what I want to do.

So on Monday I will say hello.

Hello to a whole new future.


Thankful Thursday: June 26

This week I am thankful for:


  • Half days: well I am really not that thankful for it because I thought I would be off this week completely but instead I got roped into working half days. But it’s better than whole days right? And in the spirit of attempting to find appreciation – I will attempt to be thankful for it.
  • Sunny days: Ironically this week it has been nice while I’ve been at work and then cloudy or raining when I got home. Wednesday was different though – the sun came out! And I got to enjoy it! Woohoo!
  • New jobs: perhaps I should have led with this! But I have a new job! It starts on Monday. Which is especially awesome because my current job ends on Friday. Which means no unemployment for me. (and which my explain my first item even more). It is also awesome because it is a real Social Work job! Look for a post on my new job coming soon!
  • Community: this past weekend I was really thankful to have an awesome community around me, both to celebrate my new job and also just to hang out with. It is amazing what some awesome people can do for you!

What are you thankful for this week?

Thankful Thursday: June 19

This week I am thankful for:

  • Days off: we all like them right? And this week I get 3. Which is too many. Especially with this job ending soon and a summer of unemployment looming ahead. But for now, I will be thankful for my days off.
  • Days in the Park: End of the year for preschool means its time for a picnic celebration! I will miss my kids a lot, I have so loved working with them. One last celebration with them was awesome!
  • The Ocean:There is a reason I had to come back to the west coast. And that reason was the ocean and mountains. Spent a morning at the ocean with my friend and my puppy. I like it there. It is peaceful and powerful. It smells good. I could live by the ocean (but first I need money!)
  • Pizza Night: My bible study did a pizza night and it was awesome. Such good pizza. But more than that – it was a great community night. Lately I have not felt as connected to my group as I usually do. But that night reminded my why I love them. I have an awesome community!


What are you thankful for this week?

Home Sweet Home

I have lived in the same place since I was 1. That’s 23 years in case you were wondering.

Except for those two and a half years I lived in Kansas. Ironically, when I lived in Kansas I moved about four times.

I have now decided I hate moving.

I like stability.

I like coming home and knowing where everything is.

I like my room. Even if it is still painted in the colours the 16 year old version of me painted.

My house has not really changed since I was one.

The colors of course have changed. The furniture, the technology, the accessories.

But my house is my home. And it has never changed.

There is a comfort in it. In this place that belongs to me. Or perhaps I belong to it.

This is where I was raised. This is where I played in the backyard, jumped on the trampoline, ran through the sprinklers.

This is where I had my birthday parties and celebrated Christmas.

This is where I laughed and cried.

This is where the magic happened.

My sister tells me she would not be sad if my parents sold the house. That a house is just a house.

I would be sad. This house is a source of most of my memories.

Someday, perhaps soon, I will leave this place. I will leave to carve out my own place in this world, to create my own memories in my own home.

But until then, this house is a home.

Thankful Thursday: June 12th

This week I am thankful for:

  • Parents: My parents have been away for 3 weeks. It was a big, lonely house with them gone. (not to mention mediocre food and coffee). They came home on the weekend. It’s nice not to be alone anymore.
  • Puppy Training: I really enjoy training my puppy. And puppy classes are so much fun. I love watching her play with other dogs. It makes me laugh!
  • Babies: I didn’t actually get to see a baby this weekend, but I did get to celebrate a soon to be baby! I am so looking forward to my cousin having a baby in a couple of weeks! Now I just have to figure out exactly what I am to her – first cousin once removed? Relatives are starting to get confusing


What are you thankful for this week?

I am a Writer


At least I think I am.

I write this blog. That counts for something right?

I do my best writing in my head before I go to bed.

I’m tired after a long day. All I want to do is sleep.

And suddenly my writer brain turns on.

And I write wonderful things.

Short stories. Great blog posts. Arguments to support something I was telling someone earlier.

And then my eyes get tired, my brain turns off, and my thoughts disappear.

I always try to get these thoughts back, but they are never the same, never quite right.

I need something to transcribe my sleepy brain. Then I could really write.

I used to write stories. Short stories sometimes that I really enjoyed.

Sometimes I got a wonderful idea for a book.

But those only lasted a couple of pages, until my thoughts would run too quickly and I couldn’t find a way to go from point A to point B. Then I would stop.

I loved writing papers.

I know that probably makes me weird, but make me do research and write a 5-10 page paper and I would be happy.

My thoughts flow much better through my fingers. They get jumbled and mixed up when I talk. But give me a paper and a pen (or rather a computer and a key board) and the thoughts flow.

I suppose these things really do make me a writer.


A Little Boy with a Big Smile

When I started my job in September I did not know what to expect.

It was my first job ever after all.

But in this job I have met some very interesting people.

Some I’ve learned a lot about. And not all of them good things.

But I want to tell you about one 4 year old boy.

This boy is one of 9 children. (yes 9, you heard me right)

Oh, and all of them (except for one) is a boy.

And 4 of them are under the age of 5.

Can you imagine?

As if that wasn’t enough, the youngest (the girl) was born with a heart defect and has had every complication in the book. She’s been in and out of the hospital and had numerous surgeries.

As if that wasn’t enough, this little boy has special needs. He has Autism and a speech disorder.

And I get to work with him every day.

And every day he brings a smile to my face.

He is a cheerful child. He finds joy in everything. He laughs, or rather giggles, at everything. He talks non-stop (which is awesome because when he first started he hardly talked at all)

He is a smart child. He has learned more than we ever thought he could. Well, to be honest, I always thought he was capable of it. It was other people who put him down. And we proved them wrong.

He’s shy at times. He’s sad at times. He throws fits at times.

But he’s so friendly. He draws pictures for me. He tells me funny things about his brothers. He tells me he wants to be like his daddy.

He has friends. He likes to help everyone. He brings a lightness to our classroom.

He is amazing. I’m glad I get to work with an amazing kid like him.