Home Sweet Home

I have lived in the same place since I was 1. That’s 23 years in case you were wondering.

Except for those two and a half years I lived in Kansas. Ironically, when I lived in Kansas I moved about four times.

I have now decided I hate moving.

I like stability.

I like coming home and knowing where everything is.

I like my room. Even if it is still painted in the colours the 16 year old version of me painted.

My house has not really changed since I was one.

The colors of course have changed. The furniture, the technology, the accessories.

But my house is my home. And it has never changed.

There is a comfort in it. In this place that belongs to me. Or perhaps I belong to it.

This is where I was raised. This is where I played in the backyard, jumped on the trampoline, ran through the sprinklers.

This is where I had my birthday parties and celebrated Christmas.

This is where I laughed and cried.

This is where the magic happened.

My sister tells me she would not be sad if my parents sold the house. That a house is just a house.

I would be sad. This house is a source of most of my memories.

Someday, perhaps soon, I will leave this place. I will leave to carve out my own place in this world, to create my own memories in my own home.

But until then, this house is a home.


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