Good-bye, Hello

On Friday I finished my contract position at the preschool I’ve been working at. I said goodbye.

It was bittersweet.

I will miss the kids a lot. And my coworkers. It has been a fun year.

But there is a lot I will not miss at all.

The way I was treated was not always good. My coworkers were not always nice. My boss was not always professional. My kids’ parents often criticized and rarely supported.

But most of all, I  will not miss the fact that is was outside of my field. It was not what I wanted to do with my life.

I was worried for a while that when the time came to say good bye to preschool I would be left with nothing. I was worried I would have a summer of unemployment ahead of me (or even longer). I was worried another door would never open for me.

But I was wrong.

It is time to say hello.

On Monday I will begin a new job!

I will be working with a social service agency as a social worker!

I will be working with families and children who are being investigated for abuse/neglect and putting in place ideas, goals, and supports to ensure everyone is safe. I will be counseling families and providing services to keep families together or to bring them back together.

And I am really excited.

I know it will be hard. And stressful. And at times emotionally draining.

But I am a social worker. And I will finally get to do it.

It is so clear to me that this is from God.

After a year of struggling with searching for a job while working, of wondering what it would mean to give notice, of wondering if I would break into my field, it happened. And it happened perfectly.

I get one weekend in between jobs. I didn’t have to give notice. I interviewed and the next day I got the job. It is exactly what I want to do.

So on Monday I will say hello.

Hello to a whole new future.


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