Back from the Dead

Two years.

It has been two years since I last posted (give or take).

I don’t know why stopped blogging. Life got busy I guess, as it does. I ran out of things to write, as it happens. I really can’t remember making a conscious decision to stop writing.

Today, a post I made on Facebook about blogging came up on my Timehop (what a handy invention). And I clicked the link. And reviewed my blog. And read my posts. And I realized I missed it. I missed the feeling of words flowing from my brain and through my fingers. I missed the feeling of typing out what I was thinking and feeling. I missed posting my thoughts for the the world (or at least a few people) to see.

So I’m back.

For now at least. I make no promises.

But I like the idea of writing again. Of processing things here, with people I don’t know. Or maybe with no one at all. Maybe it is just for me, but that counts for something.

Here goes nothing.




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