Absurd Happiness 

This card makes me absurdly happy. Really just the two words on it. Social worker. 

I went to school for five years to hear those words. 

I worked outside of my field for a year to hear those words. 

I worked in a social work office in a non social work position to hear those words. 

And yesterday they became mine. 

I am a social worker. 

I wrote a post about that once. Back before I could really own those words. Back before those words were what I was. 

And now I am a social worker. A child protection social worker to be exact. 

It’s amazing. And terrifying. It’s incredible. And horrible. I’m so excited. And so anxious. I feel so capable. And so inadequate. 

I don’t know what the next days, weeks, months, or years will look like. They have the power to break me or make me. It could be the best years or the worst years. Only time will tell. 

And until then, I will be absurdly happy about two little words. Social Worker. 


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