Finding the Off Switch

It’s been about 3 weeks since I became a child protection social worker. I have learned a lot. And it’s been very overwhelming at times. 

I think I need a vacation.

 (Just kidding…Sort of)

The main thing I’ve learned: it’s not so easy to turn off my work brain. 

In my previous job I was really good at leaving work at work. At not taking it home with me. At having a professional life and a personal life. 

Suddenly it’s not so easy. 

It’s not so easy to stop worrying. 

It’s not so easy to stop planning. 

It’s not so easy to forget about the growing to do list waiting for me.

It’s not so easy to forget about the things that didn’t get done today. 

It’s not so easy to leave it all behind. 

Sleep has not been easy the last week. I can’t fall asleep. My mind keeps thinking, worrying, feeling. I wake up too early and think more about everything, planning my day before it’s even begun. 

I don’t know how to stop it. I don’t have any strategies for this. It came easy before, naturally. And now, now it takes work. 

But this can’t keep happening. 

I’m trying to find the off switch. And finding it might be difficult. 

Anyone have any suggestions? 


3 thoughts on “Finding the Off Switch

  1. Ahhh the struggle of self-care. I just graduated with my undergrad in social work and I’m currently getting my masters now. I will start my case worker position in August where I will be helping in restoring one of the most impoverished communities in Springfield, MO. So my husband and I are investing in me taking pottery classes. It’s a class I will be attending 3 hours a week to learn how to make pottery and basically relax, reflect, and engage in my creative side. It’ll be a good three hours a week where I won’t have the demands of school, work, or home. To just be me, be allowed to mess up, and create things. I’m excited for it. I don’t know if you are arty or not, perhaps you like outdoors or nature? Or music? I would just make a list of things you enjoy outside of “saving the world” and block out a time or a few times in your week (and PROTECT that time) to dedicate to self-care 🙂

    • Thanks so much for your comment and advice! I really appreciate it and think that’s a great idea. I think part of my issue is that my non-work life is very open, no responsibilities and no organized things happening. I think I need to DO something. I will start working on that list and see what works for me!

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