Illusion of Independence 

Sometimes I think I got this thing called life. Like a child who runs off to explore life. I like to act like I am on my own, like I have all the answers, like I need nothing but myself. 

But though the child runs off to explore life, independent, we all know there is a parent nearby. The child has just an illusion of independence. He explores and acts in the safety of that watchful eye of a parent. 

My life is like that. I think I’m independent. But then, in a moment of weakness, I remember that my independence is also just an illusion. God is there with me. 

And it might seem stifling, to never have true independence, to always have Someone watching you, looking out for you. 

But really it just feels safe. I feel secure knowing I am not alone. And that I will never be alone.

In my moment of weakness, when I’m not sleeping and I’m stressed with work and life is wearing me down, I turn to God. 

And His love surrounds me. 

His comfort reaches me. 

His strength carries me through. 

Without it I would be a mess. I would be lost. 

I would be independent, but at what cost?

I value being utterly dependent on a God who never fails and never leaves.

I value the illusion. 

I value the illusion of independence that means I am never alone. 


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