Be gentle with yourself 

I talk to myself all the time. 

In my head of course, anything else would be crazy. 

It’s always there. My thoughts processing themselves. Analyzing my day, my actions, my words. 

And when I take the time to really listen to the things I say to myself or about myself there is one thing that really stands out to me: they are all predominately negative. 

It’s so easy isn’t it? To tell myself what I did wrong. To question my decisions. To criticize myself. 

That comes naturally. 

And, also naturally, the more negative my self talk the more negative my self image becomes. And the more negative thoughts I think to myself. 

I am no good at being positive towards myself. I am no good at finding my strengths. 

Ask me in any given day what I did wrong today and I could point out 20 things with ease. 

Ask my what I did right and I’ll have to think about it. 

And isn’t that a sad reality? It’s sad when not even I can build myself up. 

When I was in training for child protection the instructor kept saying one thing over and over again and it really stuck with me: Be gentle with yourself. 

Because even though it’s easy to be hard on myself, to point out the negative, it is better to be gentle with myself. 

It is better to build myself up. Not with lies, but with truth. 

It is better to dwell on strength then weakness. To build up rather than to tear down. 

To be gentle. 

To love myself. Flaws and all. 

To not be my worst critic, but my own cheerleader. 

To make mistakes, own up to them, but to not beat myself up about them. 

So I will try to take this advice to heart. And I hope you do to. 

Be Gentle with Yourself 


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