Deep breathe in. 

And let it out slowly. 

That’s how it feels lately. Like a deep breath being let out at last. And with it, the stress and worry and hardships are being let out too. 

I’ve learned that I write when I’m in turmoil. When my thoughts are stuck in my head. When I’m overwhelmed. And stressed. And losing control. 

But that is fading now. 

I am finally feeling settled. 

It happened slowly. Gradually. Without even realizing it. 

My confidence grew. My skills grew. 

My stress declined. 

I can’t tell you what exactly changed. I can’t identify the things that are different in me now than they were a few months ago. 

But I feel settled. I feel secure. 

I feel like I’ll survive. 

The job is still the job. It’s still stressful. It’s still overwhelming. There is still so much that I don’t know. 

But the settled feeling has come over me. 

And it feels good. 

And I hope that it lasts. 

Deep breath out. 



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