The Art of Mistakes 

They always say that mistakes help you learn, help you grow. Mistakes make you stronger, smarter, better. So make mistakes and learn from them. 

Easier said then done, am I right? 

I wrote once, not so long ago, about mistakes I had been making, both small and big. And they seemed to compile in my mind and become bigger and bigger.

I replayed them over and over and over again until my destructive thought process began to lead to a destructive life style. 

I learn from my mistakes though. And that’s the point right? 

It isn’t about being perfect, it’s about learning. 

I have learned a lot. I’ve learned the proper way to talk to people. I’ve learned how to keep on top of urgent things. I’ve learned how to prioritize. I’ve learned how to build relationships with people who wish I didn’t exist. I’ve learned how to deliver horrible news (or at least I’m working on it). 

I’ve learned things in my personal life too. I’ve learned to let go. I’ve learned how to sleep. I’ve learned how to process. I’ve learned how to cope. 

I’m not perfect. Far from it. But I can guarantee that I learn. And I do better next time. 

I’ve seen a lot, from clients and coworkers, of people who chose never to learn from their mistakes. Never take responsibility for the choices that they’ve made, never own up to it. 

I don’t want to be like that. 

I want to learn and grow. 

And that’s the art of making mistakes isn’t it?

The art of accepting mistakes are going to happen. 

The art of taking responsibility for those mistakes. 

And the art of learning from them. 

Ready? Set? Grow. 


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